Murray, UT, Toilet Tank Lids


We buy and sell used tank lids of all kinds. We currently are in the need for American Standard 4078, Eljer Emblems and Patriots and Briggs tank lids. Most replacement lids are $25 each. Call us of you have a toilet tank lid you would like us to buy.

Toilet Tank Lids Salt Lake City Utah

We carry tank lids from the following manufacturers:

Alamo, American Standard, AquaLine, BMCR, Barclay, Borg Warner, Briggs, CPCO, California Co., Caroma, Case, Case Robinson, Celite, Champlain, Cidamar, Cisa, Colton (CW), Comco, Crane, DOBO, Duravit, Eljer, Ferrum, Geberit, Gerber, Hous, Homart, Ifo, JPIPPI, Jacob Dalafon, Karat, Kilgore, Kohler, Lamosa, Mancesa, Mansfield, MPP, Murray, Niagra, Norris Thermador, NT, Norris (NI), Olmos, Orion, Pacific, Pacific Standard, Peerless, Porcher, Procemex, ProFlo, Rheem, SAG, SET, SNF, Sasa, Sears, Southern Porcelain, St. Thomas, Sanitary Wares, Standard, Standard Pacific, Standard Trenton, Sterling, TEPCO, T/N, Theramdor, Titon, Toto, Trenton Pottery, Universal Rundle, UR, URC, Verson, VHP, Villeroy & Boch, Vitromex, Water Bridge, Western Pottery.

If you are trying to locate a lid, here are some steps to make it as easy as possible:

  1. Bring us the broken lid. Thats the quickest way to find your new lid.
  2. Check for identifing manufacturer names.
  3. Check inside the back of toilet or under tank lids for numbers.
  4. If all else fails, put a piece of cardboard over the tank and draw an outline.

We mail toilet tank lids all over the country. If you can’t find the lid you are looking for, chances are we have it. Call our shop and we’ll get to work locating your replacement toilet lid right away.