Gas Line Installation in Murray, UT


Serving Salt Lake City, UT, and surrounding areas

Cooking on a gas stove after our gas line installation in Murray, UTFor many Salt Lake Valley and nearby community homeowners, lower energy costs are so close yet still a few feet away. That’s because they’ve put off adding a connection from the natural gas line that runs down their street to their home.  Well Tower’s Murray Plumbing just so happens to be in the natural gas line business along with all the other jobs we do.

By having us install a gas line from the street to your home, you can recoup the costs of the installation in the years to come with gas-fueled appliances.  Energy Star appliances that run on natural gas will save you money each and every month such as a range, gas clothes dryer, water heater (for even greater energy savings consider a gas fueled tankless model), furnace, fireplace, and even an outside barbecue.  By using natural gas, you’ll be leaving less of a carbon footprint and doing your part in cleaning up the valley’s air quality.

Fire pitDomestic natural gas makes up more than 95% of the gas used in the U.S. and it is a chemically simpler compound to burn than coal and oil. That means that it releases less CO2 into air and along with less sulfur and nitrogen compounds as well as other emissions.

For a cleaner, less costly future, contact us at Tomas Murray Plumbing to install gas lines to your home or to add a line from an existing one for a new appliance. With Utah’s harsh winters, you’ll want to stay warm and cozy and reduce your overall monthly payments through the use of natural gas appliances. Let’s get that line installation scheduled!

Salt Lake City Gas Line Installations