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If you’ve experienced the odor of sewer gas or even had your sewer get backed up in your basement or main floor, you know at once you have a problem. Not only is the smell highly unpleasant – some may even say it is downright foul – sewer gas contains methane gas, which is highly combustible.  Fumes can become so overwhelming they lead to severe illness or even death. And the potential of fire is very real.

If you’re smelling sewer gas or sewer is actually backing up in your house or business, you should contact your plumber immediately to avoid serious health hazards.  You may have a blocked or broken sewer line. Over time, sewer pipes become clogged with paper, grease, hair and other items that have no business being in a sewage drain pipe.

When a plunger no longer does the trick, you may require the help of a professional who will use a plumber’s auger – or sewer snake – to try to free the clog. Be very wary of using chemicals to dissolve clogs as they may actually harm your drains. Further, if you have a sewer line leak, these chemicals can escape into the soil and ultimately the environment.

In older homes, trees and shrub roots cause damage to sewer lines, penetrating through joints in the pipes and even breaking the pipes apart. Using a camera to video the sewer line will help with the diagnosis and help determine any repair or section replacement that may be necessary. With 65 years in the plumbing business, you can trust Towers Plumbing to help keep your sewer line functioning properly. We have a 90 percent retention rate on customers because they know they can depend on our honesty, integrity, and high quality workmanship.

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