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A water main leak or break on the owners property – whether a home or a business – is the responsibility of the owner to repair or replace. The reasons for a water main break are myriad including old worn-out pipes, freezing temperatures, shifting ground, and even tree or shrubbery roots.

Whatever the cause, a water main break may result in a decrease in water pressure from your faucet, possible dirt in the water, noisy pipes, and a chance of a flood occurring at the break site. Depending on how close the break is to your home, the leak may present as a flood in your basement. If you catch it early, chances are you can avoid a full-blown flood, which would threaten your personal or business property or, in the event of a serious flood, compromise the structural integrity of your building.

The first thing you should do when a break is suspected is to shut off your water main valve. This will stop water from continuing to flow from the city connection. Next, contact us at Tower Plumbing so we can get the necessary arrangements made for the repair.

Because digging is required, Blue Stakes of Utah must be contacted. You can call yourself by dialing 811 or we’ll do it for you.  In the meantime, Towers Plumbing can often set up a temporary plan to help you obtain water until the repair is made.

Once the property is blue-staked and given the thumbs up, we come in with a backhoe to uncover the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs or line replacements.  Don’t forget to run your cold water for a few minutes after the repair is complete to clear out any dirt that may have entered the open pipe during the process.

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