Murray, UT, Maintenance Tips


1. Outside hoses: In Utah it is a good idea to disconnect hoses by September 1 and after each usage through May 15th. Because Utah’s weather is so unpredictable pay close attention to your weather forecast and make sure to disconnect hoses in the event of below freezing temperatures. This also applies to draining down of sprinkler systems.

2. Pressure: Too much pressure in a house can cause numerous problems. One problem being leaky valves. Any pressure over 80 lbs requires a pressure reducing valve. If you feel you have high pressure in your home call a professional plumbing company.

3. Floor drains: Periodically put water down floor drain to keep sewer gas from coming back and or filing up with dirt. (yearly-anytime)

4. Sump pumps: Yearly, during warm weather add water to sump pump pit to make sure pump is working properly. (summer)

5. Sprinkler systems: Yearly, change battery in sprinkler system when you drain down system.(fall)

6. House heaving and movement: Yearly, check drainage stacks that come out of concrete floors to see if they are starting to bed or heave from expansive soils. If you have expansion joints check to see if there is still room in these joints for expansion. In addition, check gas and water lines to the furnace and water heather to make sure there is not stress on these lines. If stress is apparent call a professional plumbing company.

7. Carbon monoxide detector: Placing a CO2 detector next to the furnace and water heater is a great investment for peace of mind.

8. Auto Washer hoses: Change auto washer hoses every 3-5 years to prevent flooding and/or leakage.

9. Garbage disposals: Don’t put peelings, coffee grounds or egg shells down kitchen sink drain in order to help alleviate clogs. (Usually last 5-10 years)

10. Vacation: Turn water off to your home when leaving for an extended period of time. If leaving during the summer watering periods, have the main shut off valve to the house above the sprinkler system line. This will insure that the sprinkler system will still run but the water to your house will be turned off. If gone for an extensive amount of time, when return, run water in all fixtures on the premises including the floor drain. This will get rid of any air lock.

11. Water heaters: Use a long finger lighter (6 inches long) to light the pilot light if it goes out (follow instructions on water heater). Newer water heaters (approximately 2003+) have piezo lighters. If this doesn’t light call a professional plumbing company. (Usually last 7-12 years)

*Disclosure: These are all general rules of thumb, but don’t guarantee against future problems.

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