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It's Time to Stop Your Toilet From Constantly Running So Fast!

The Problem of Running Toilets

Running toilets are a serious cause of annoyance for many homeowners. You flush your toilet, then have your conversations, train of thought, and even peaceful silence interrupted when your tank continues to drain into the toilet bowl.

However, this issue is far more than a mere annoyance. It could be costing you hundreds of dollars in excess water you did not use. This is a significant issue that will only worsen over time so it’s essential that you fix it sooner than later.

Reasons Why You Have a Running Toilet

If you have a toilet that begins running, your issue is not with the bowl, but in the tank of your toilet. Inside your toilet tank, if you lift the lid, you’ll see several pieces that contribute to keeping the water in your tank. One of these is a rubber or plastic stopper. The stopper lifts when you flush your toilet to allow water to fill the toilet bowl. When it’s finished filling, it will then close off the flow and hold water in the tank.

reasons behind running toilets

This is usually the piece that causes a running toilet. When the plastic gets hard or cracks, it no longer forms a perfect seal. Water can then flow through the cracks into the toilet bowl. If this piece is not replaced, it will continue to worsen over time and allow more water through your bowl. Not only will your leak become louder, but your water bills will become more expensive, as well.

How to Fix Your Running Toilet

fixing running toiletsFixing a running toilet is not a costly process, but it will take some time. Plumbers can fix a running toilet, but it is also easily DIYed by any homeowner (depending on the severity). To determine if the flap needs to be replaced, look inside your tank and check the flap.

If it has hardened and is cracking, you’ll need to replace the piece entirely. You can get one at any hardware store in the plumbing section. Once you have your replacement part, shut off the water to your toilet tank and flush the toilet several times.

This will drain most of the water in your tank so you can easily get ahold of the part you need to replace. Swap out the old stopper with the new one, and you should have a leak-free toilet tank. No more annoyance and no more extra usage on your water bill.

You Can Prevent Running Toilets

Preventing running toilets is mostly a matter of regular maintenance. Hard water, minerals, or a lack of use can contribute to pieces becoming hardened and cracking. Clean your toilet tank monthly, and pay attention to parts like your stopper. Check them for signs of wear or cracking.

preventing running toilets

The best thing to do is to replace parts before they need replacing. If you notice your plunger or your stopper becoming worn or cracked, even if it’s not yet leaking, it’s a perfect time to replace it. Replacing your stopper before it starts leaking water into your toilet bowl will save you money in the long run.

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