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How to Protect the Family From Waterborne Viruses

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Tips for Filtering Viruses From Your Water

With so much focus in the news on how to stop the spread of viruses, homeowners are looking into ways that they can help keep their families safe in their own homes. One way that people all across the globe get sick is by coming into contact with a waterborne virus, usually by drinking unfiltered or improperly filtered water.

Knowing how they occur and what can be done to stop or lower the chances of coming into contact with them can literally be lifesaving. In this article, experts discuss some of the more infamous viruses and what you can do to protect your home today.

Is SARS a Waterborne Virus?

virusSARS virus, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, was one of the first deadly outbreaks of a global virus. It first appeared in Asia in 2003, before spreading to Europe, South America, and eventually North America.

Symptoms started with a fever (more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit), then progressed to body aches, headache, possible diarrhea, and a dry cough. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Ultimately, once SARS takes hold of the body, people suffering from it develop pneumonia. While not a specifically waterborne virus, some components of SARS can be transmitted through water.

This is especially true with unfiltered water. One of the best ways to protect the entire home from these risks is by using a UV water disinfection system, which destroys up to 99.99% of harmful pathogens including waterborne viruses to purify the water. This method has even been approved by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) when combined with an effective pre-filter.

What About Hepatitis E?

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On the other hand, Hepatitis E has proven itself to be a waterborne virus. Viruses like this cause many millions of illnesses and even deaths yearly, mostly due to drinking water contaminated with it.

They are considered by the WHO to be a significant health concern and threat all across the world. Symptoms of Hepatitis E include fever, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice, and dark urine.

There is no treatment, only supportive care with things like IV fluids and plenty of rest. Prevention can include a quality water filter that uses ultrafiltration, and the installation of a UV water filtration system that can kill waterborne viruses.

Tips for Protecting Your Home

filter virusViruses and bacteria are always a concern when it comes to water quality in your home. While most homeowners rely on city-level filtration, there are still plenty of impurities that can make their way into your home.

Whether it’s added minerals, bacteria, and even animal waste, investing in a water filtration system is the best way to protect your home and family. Again, UV filtration systems can be one of the most useful filtration methods against viruses and other impurities.

They use strong UV light which attacks any bacteria at the molecular level. Installed on the water main, these filtration systems work continuously to keep your water quality pure. It is important to note that, even with the best water filtration and purification systems, chances of transmission are only lowered and not removed entirely.

The vast majority of viral spread is due to surface and air contact with the virus. Water filtration and purification devices can not stop the virus, but can potentially reduce its severity related to other diseases someone may have.

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