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Preventing Scary Plumbing Emergencies This Fall

Don’t Be Haunted by a Plumbing Emergency

As summer transitions into fall, it creates an excellent opportunity for homeowners to take advantage of services and routine procedures to prevent plumbing emergencies. Changes in the weather can cause all kinds of spooky problems with a home’s plumbing system. By preparing their homes for the oncoming winter, homeowners can protect themselves through the fall and winter and prevent most of the problems that can haunt a plumbing system due to the change in seasons. 

Keep Gutters Clear of Debris


While not often thought of as a plumbing problem, clogged gutters can impede the efficient flow of rain and meltwater away from a home. Gutters are designed to protect the structure and integrity of a house by ensuring that rainwater and snowmelt are quickly swept away from the exterior portions and foundation of a home. Unfortunately, autumn is the worst season for gutter clogs. 

When gutters get clogged, major problems can occur. The worst is that water can back up and damage structures within the home. As leaves and debris build up inside a gutter, they form clogs that prevent water from draining. The water backs up in the gutter and begins to flow out wherever possible. Often, this means that water will back up into the attic, walls, or eaves of a house. 

Over time, this water damage can rot these structures. Additionally, this can be particularly harmful in the winter when melting snow and ice refreeze in gutters and on the roofline. Melting water can be driven underneath the shingles and cause internal damage to a home. 

Insulate and Wrap Pipes

One of the most common plumbing problems in the winter is water damage resulting from a frozen pipe. Despite good plumbing practices and modern plumbing materials, pipes are still vulnerable when temperatures plunge below zero. Autumn is the best time to inspect plumbing for potential frozen pipes in the winter. If vulnerable pipes are found, preventative action can be taken so that homeowners don’t suffer the damages from a frozen pipe that bursts and floods the home. 


The two most common remedies for pipes that are subject to freezing are insulating and wrapping. Insulation prevents pipes from freezing during harsh winter temperatures. Wrapping pipes usually means installing special heating tape around a pipe so that the water within it stays above freezing. 

Get Routine Drain Cleaning

Just as many homeowners have spring cleaning habits, it is a good practice to have a schedule to prepare a home for winter. Along with cleaning gutters and inspecting plumbing, it is a good idea to have routine drain cleaning done in the fall. Vigorous tree growth during the summer can lead to pipes that have been invaded by tree roots. 

Heavy fall rains can interfere with sewer drains. By having routine drain cleaning performed, homeowners can ensure that their drains run freely to prevent clogs and backups throughout the winter and help deal with excess runoff during autumn rains. 

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