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Tips for Winter Pipe Preparation

Protect the Home From Burst Pipes This Winter

No plumbing problem is fun to deal with. Even something as small as a leaky faucet can still drive homeowners insane. It takes time to fix and still disrupts everyday life. But more severe plumbing problems are even harder to deal with. Burst pipes are one of the worst plumbing emergencies that a home can endure. The bad part is that their favorite season is approaching: winter. Winter is the most common time of year for burst pipes because it’s the time of year when pipes are most likely to freeze, which frequently causes them to burst. 

Homeowners should know the dangers of burst pipes and learn the best ways to prevent this plumbing emergency from taking hold of their homes.

Dangerous Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can do a lot of damage to a home. Not only do they wreck the pipe itself, which would, of course, need to be replaced, but they can spray or leak water all over the place. There can be water damage to the walls, floor, cabinets, and furniture near the burst pipe. It can damage nearby appliances or even cause electrical hazards because everyone knows water and electricity do not mix well together! This can pose a lot of danger to those living in the house and needs to be taken care of immediately by a professional. 

All of that damage means there’s a lot of repair work to be done. And a lot of repair work means there’s a lot of expenses that occur as a result of a burst pipe. If homeowners want to do everything they can to prevent a burst pipe and the resulting damage, they need to take preventative action.

Pipe Insulation Can Help


One of the best ways to prevent a burst pipe is by installing pipe insulation. Earlier, it was mentioned that burst pipes commonly occur in the winter due to frozen pipes. When the water in the pipes freeze, the pipes are forced to expand. This causes pipes to crack and burst, wreaking havoc on the home and everything in it. 

Therefore, to prevent the pipe from bursting, homeowners first need to avoid the water in the pipe freezing. That’s where pipe insulation can help. This insulation helps to keep the pipe warmer and prevents the water from freezing.

Other Methods of Preventing Burst Pipes


In addition to pipe insulation, homeowners can do a few other simple things to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

  • Keep an eye on the thermostat: The home’s temperature should always remain above 55°F, even if no one is in the house at the time. The warmer temperature throughout the house prevents those nasty frozen pipes.
  • Run the faucets: Try to run all of the faucets in the house regularly. If water is constantly flowing, it has a harder time freezing.
  • Leave the cabinets open: This is especially helpful if homeowners and their families are gone for an extended period of time. Leaving the cabinets open allows warm air into the cabinet to reach the pipes that are behind it.

These are just a few simple things for homeowners to do to prevent burst pipes. But if a burst pipe does occur, call a professional plumber immediately.

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