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Easy Methods to Prevent Clogged Sinks

Woman unclogging sink drain with a plunger

Say Goodbye to Drain Clogs 

Whether during a summer cookout or on a quiet winter night, there is no good time to deal with a clogged kitchen sink. Homeowners can go about their daily chores washing dishes only to find that as they pull the drain plug, no water drains or a loud gurgling sound accompanies slow draining. Unfortunately, clogged drains happen in some homes regularly, and they can completely disrupt the flow of the day. 

This time of year is particularly tough on kitchen drains because food preparation that comes with the holidays is in high gear, and the sink is expected to do its part. Instead of dealing with a clogged sink, take some advice from local experts to avoid them. Most blocked drains are preventable with a couple of new habits, and with help from the experts, homeowners may never have to deal with a clogged drain again. Here is the best advice to keep drains clean and clear of clogs. 

Drain Cleaning 

Experts recommend drain cleaning regularly, whether it seems necessary or not. During drain cleaning, plumbers remove buildup from the pipes and give them a fresh start. They use specialized tools like a hydro jet which uses water to ensure no debris is left in the pipes that could form clogs. However, drain cleaning doesn’t just prevent clogs but can also clear them after they have occurred.

Some signs of a clog or indicators professional drain cleaning should be scheduled are: 

  • Gurgling noises
  • Slow draining
  • Foul odors coming from the drain
  • Drain cleaning hasn’t been done in recent memory 

Routine drain cleaning removes the buildup from inside pipes and allows water to flow through them more efficiently. This eliminates the potential for problems and helps prevent drains from clogging. 

Remember to Use Drain Screens

meshHomeowners know the frustration of dealing with clogged drains in their sinks and showers. Fortunately, another easy solution can help prevent this problem - mesh drain screens. Drain screens are designed to fit over sink, shower, or bathtub drains and catch any debris that would have gone down the drain while allowing water to drain freely. 

This not only helps to prevent clogs but also prevents objects such as jewelry or other small items from going down the drain and getting lost. In addition to being a great preventive measure, these screens are also easy to clean and maintain. All someone needs to do is remove the screen, throw away what it has caught, rinse it off in warm water, and put it back in place.

Deal With Food Waste Properly 

foodOne of the biggest causes of drain clogs is food scraps and grease. As a rule, all food waste and cooking grease or oil should be discarded in the trash instead of being put down drains or relying on the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals were only ever intended to handle incidental food waste. 

Cooking grease hardens as it cools, so if it’s poured down the drain, it will stick to the side of the pipe walls and collect food and any other debris that passes it, forming tough clogs. Homeowners should allow it to cool before throwing it and any food scraps in the garbage to prevent clogs. 

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