Salt Lake City Stop and Waste Valves

Reliable stop and waste valve installation, repair, and replacement in the Salt Lake City area.

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What Is a Stop and Waste Valve?

Maybe you’ve heard of this valve and maybe you haven’t. Chances are you might not fully understand what it does. A stop and waste valve is also known as the ‘sprinkler main shut off.’ It is an essential piece of equipment that allows you to isolate your sprinkler system and turn it off in the winter. Isolating your sprinkler system can lessen the chance of pipes freezing and bursting in extreme temperatures.

The stop and waste valve is named like that for a reason: when the water is turned off before winter, it is ‘stopped’ from flowing past the valve. Once it is turned off, a whole at the bottom of the valve opens to allow the sprinkler to drain, thus ‘wasting’ the water out.

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When to Replace a Stop and Waste Valve

Stop and waste valves should last 20-30 years. However, nothing is perfect and they can fail before this time period. If you notice a steady flow of water coming from your valve or have an increased water bill, it may be time to replace it. If you’re unsure about the valve, ask us to take a quick look at it! Although you can replace the stop and waste valve yourself, it is often best to let us do the job. We can quickly determine the best fit for your pipes, especially if the old valve wasn’t perfect for the job.

In certain homes, there might not be a stop and waste valve. Choosing to have one installed can be an ideal option if pipes are prone to freezing. Burst pipes can cause a major problem and costly repair bills for plumbing, floors, walls, and anything else the water might damage.

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