Salt Lake City Clogged Toilet Repair Services

Reliable clogged toilet repair and toilet replacement in the Salt Lake City area.

We’re pretty sure you have never wanted to deal with a clogged toilet. Unfortunately it is a fact of life, no matter how many people live in your home or how many toys are thrown into the system. The key to fixing a clogged toilet is making the call to a professional. Towers Plumbing has over 75 years of experience in every plumbing problem. We answer our phone 24 hours a day so in the event of a broken or clogged toilet, our technicians can be at your door in no time.

What Causes a Clogged Toilet?

You’ve noticed your sinks and tubs draining slowly, and maybe you’ve caught a quick breath of a pungent smell. You might chalk it up to nothing, or maybe a clogged drain, but it doesn’t occur to you that these are signs of a clogged toilet. After all, you’re careful about what is flushed and your children know better than to drop toys into the bowl.

Even after all precautions are met, toilet clogs can still happen. This can be from hard water deposits, too much waste like toilet paper, baby wipes, or feminine products (including the ‘flushable’ ones,) a clogged trap, or even a problem with the sewer line. Until one of our technicians diagnose the cause of the problem, attempting to fix it will simply be trial and error.

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The Problem with Old Toilets

Low-flow toilets were introduced in the mid-1990’s. These toilets became popular because of their ability to use far less water than previous models. However, as you might know, the first few models of a product will always have kinks. Low-flow toilets worked decently for a long time, but the initial ones are getting older and need to be replaced. Also, because of the fact they use less water, they often don’t push waste far enough into pipes, which leads to clogs. High-efficiency toilets are still on the market, but there are several more options available. These newer toilets provide more flushing power, and use less water.

If your toilet seems to stay clogged and is an older model, it could be due to the fact it is one of the first-generation low-flow toilets. In that case, replacing the toilet with a newer option will end up costing you less in repair work and water bills. Our technicians can help you pick the type of toilet that is best for your home and family.

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Towers Plumbing Toilet Repair

As mentioned, we are a full-service plumbing company. Our technicians are capable of not just repairing, but also replacing any plumbing fixture. We can also help guide your decision on whether or not repairing or replacing something is best. Our focus is to keep your plumbing safe while providing honest service.

If you’re in need of clogged toilet repair or replacement, or any need any other plumbing problem fixed, call Towers Plumbing today at (801) 266-3529.