Salt Lake City Trenchless Sewer Lining

Reliable trenchless sewer repair and sewer lining in the Salt Lake City area.

Towers Plumbing is a company with over 75 years of history and knowledge. We are dedicated to providing the Salt Lake City area with complete plumbing services while remaining affordable and friendly. Our customer service representatives will always answer the phone in a pleasant manner and are able to schedule a job or dispatch an emergency technician pending on your needs.

How Are Trenchless Sewer Repairs Done?

When you think of sewer repair, you might have images of dug up yards and flower beds, you may possibly imagine the street torn up, and generally a long, messy process. Trenchless sewer repair is about 15 years old and involves none or very little of these problems. The process of trenchless sewer repair begins with viewing your pipes with a camera, determining the most shallow access point (either the basement or a pipe right outside your home) and then hydro jetting that pipe. After the hydro jetting, any extra debris is removed with a mechanical snake or auger.

Finally, a new pipe lining is inserted to the damaged areas and left to cure. After this new lining is cured, it is examined by the camera and services can be turned back on.

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Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Lining

Obviously a huge benefit of trenchless sewer lining is the fact that it doesn’t tear up your yard, the street, or your gorgeous flowers. However, there are a few other perks you should be aware of. Trenchless repairs can be made in a very short amount of time. Larger jobs might take a few days, but for the most part everything can be done in a single day’s work. Because this method takes less time to complete, it means that you’ll spend less on labor for the same basic services. Finally, the technology used in trenchless sewer repair is very high quality which means less likelihood of future repairs and it provides high-functioning pipes by increasing flow capacity.

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Quality Sewer Repairs from Towers Plumbing

Opting for trenchless sewer repair can be a bit scary, because it is trying something new. We can understand that, and are glad to further explain any parts of the process that may seem concerning. In addition to trenchless sewer repair, we are available for any plumbing problem you may have and would love the chance to fix it! As a whole, we are licensed and insured which can provide peace of mind as well as proof to you that we stand behind our work.

If you are ready to try trenchless sewer repair in favor of the traditional methods, give Towers Plumbing a call (801) 266-3529 today!