Quality Salt Lake City Hydro Jetting Services

Quality, reliable hydro jetting services in the Salt Lake City area.

Towers Plumbing isn’t the only contractor to offer hydro jetting services in the Salt Lake City area. However, we pride ourselves on being reliable, fair, and honest in every job we do. We’ve been in the plumbing business for over 75 years, which demonstrates the longevity of our company and customers. No matter the time of day or night we will answer your call and have a technician at your door in a timely manner!

Why Use Hydro Jetting Services?

Hydro jetting can be explained as a professional service that uses a high pressure stream of water to break up clogs and debris that has accumulated in pipes. It is a relatively simple process, but provides great results. Apart from breaking up buildups of grease and hair, a strong enough hydro jet can also destroy tree roots that may be causing slow drainage or damage to your pipes.

Because hydro jetting uses such a high pressure of water, it efficiently cleans the sides of the pipes. Ensuring that there is nothing left on the walls of plumbing means that the results are long lasting as new debris and grease has nothing to grab on to.

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The Benefits of Hydro Jetting Clogged Pipes

You may be wondering what the big deal is with hydro jetting. Aside from the ability to break up any and all clogs and debris, it also has the capability of removing bacteria. When grease, soap, toothpaste, and other substances build up, they become a breeding ground for germs that can make you sick. Some of the most common types of bacteria found include E. coli, salmonella, shigella, vibrio, and rotaviruses. All of these bacteria are illness-causing, especially in babies and the elderly.

The process of hydro jetting is also environmentally friendly. Because the process is so thorough, it is not necessary multiple times each year which saves water and money. Also, hydro jetting does not involve any harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

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Choose Towers for Your Drain Cleaning Needs

When deciding on the best services for your home and your plumbing, you should consider what makes economic sense and what is the best for your pipes. Once you’ve thought about different services, the next step is to call the best plumbing contractor available. Towers Plumbing has skilled and knowledgeable technicians ready to perform any service needed. We are licensed and insured which should give you peace of mind in knowing that we stand behind our work.

When you’ve decided you need plumbing work, hydro jetting services, or emergency help, give Towers Plumbing a call at (801) 266-3529! We’re available when you need us most.