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Commercial plumbing is not something to be taken lightly. The truth is, the plumbing of a commercial building has more working parts and can affect numerous people and businesses if it malfunctions. Towers Plumbing understands the need for reliable commercial plumbing and has the ability to repair any plumbing problem in a timely manner. We operate 24-hours a day so your commercial property can too.

What Is a Grease Trap - and Does My Property Need One?

A grease trap is a plumbing device that is designed to stop most grease and other solids from entering a wastewater disposal system. It functions by allowing heavier solids to sink to the bottom and oils that are lighter than water rise to the top. This enables nothing but wastewater to continue into the disposal system. Although it may seem that grease and oil flow freely, once these substances are cooled, they cause clogs and buildup in pipes.

Of course if your commercial property is a restaurant, you probably already have a grease trap. However, choosing to install a commercial grease interceptor at any business property is a step the right direction. This is because a commercial property’s plumbing will be use much more regularly than a residential property. It is also because you can’t be sure of what every person pours into the drain or flushes into the toilet.

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Understanding Commercial Plumbing Needs

Aside from having a grease trap installed, a commercial property should have hot water–even if not legally required to do so. Washing hands with hot water allows for the prevention of the spread of illness and running hot water through drains after each use can prevent clogs from forming. If you are renting the commercial property to tenants, it is often your responsibility to keep up with plumbing maintenance. This maintenance can be as simple as having our technicians inspect pipes, drains, toilets, and faucets, as well as opting for regular drain and grease trap cleaning. Even if this maintenance is not part of the lease, providing this service will prevent costly repairs down the road.

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Towers Plumbing Understands Your Commercial Needs

We are proud to say that we have been in the plumbing industry for over 75 years. Not only do we fully understand plumbing, we understand and strive for the best customer service! Let our technicians help protect your business by keeping your plumbing in good repair and up to code. We are licensed and insured which makes your choice that much easier.

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