Salt Lake City Slab Leak Repair Services

Reliable slab leak repair services in the Salt Lake City area.

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How to Detect a Foundation Leak

Foundation leaks can be scary problems to have, often due to their cost of repair. Unfortunately these types of leaks happen and the way to lessen the cost is to know what a foundation leak looks like. First of all, if there is a leak under the slab, your water bills will be higher. If the leak is from a hot water line, your electric or gas bill will be higher than usual. Going with the hot water theme, if you have little to not hot water, this could be because it is leaking out where it shouldn’t be, so don’t rush to replace your hot water heater just yet!

Hearing running water when the water is turned off, standing water in your yard, puddles of water or hot spots on the floor are also all signs of a slab leak. You should note that a ‘slab leak’ is due to pipes that are located under the slab, not ran through them.

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The Importance of Slab Leak Repairs

The consequences of ignoring a slab leak can be extremely expensive. One of the worst problems a slab leak can cause is cracks in your foundation. Following that issue, you can expect to deal with mold, ruined flooring, a damaged yard, and musty odors in your home. As the water spreads, you will notice that multiple areas of your home get wet and stopping it is futile. The longer you wait–every hour, every day–this leak will get worse. Calling us immediately will help prevent further damage and keep repair bills as low as possible.

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Go with Your Gut, Go with Towers Plumbing

Towers Plumbing understands the urgency of a foundation leak. As mentioned, we are a 24-hour company and will gladly be at your door any time of day or night. We are licensed and insured in order to give you a little peace of mind when dealing with a calamity of this proportion. Our goal is to be able to quickly find the leak and offer the options that are available and feasible to you.

If you are dealing with a foundation leak or think there is another problem of that magnitude, don’t hesitate to call Towers Plumbing at (801) 266-3529! We’ll be right there when you need us!