Salt Lake City Water Leak Detection Services

Reliable water leak detection and repair in the Salt Lake City area.

If Towers Plumbing isn’t your go-to for leak detection and repair, or any other plumbing problem you may have, you are missing out! We have been in the business for over 75 years which means 75 years of customer service and experience. Our technicians are highly skilled and diagnosing and fixing problems and our customer service representatives always answer the phone with a smile.

Musty Smelling Home?

That constant dripping you hear, the musty odor, mold, warped walls, buckled ceilings, and paint peeling are all possible signs of a water leak in your home. Although, you may have none of these indicators and might only be suffering from an increased water bill. These are all signs that you could have a leak in your home, typically behind a wall.

Unfortunately with most of these indicators, it means the leak has been around for a while and you will probably have other repair costs associated with the problem. Allowing us to periodically inspect your home for leaks will not only alert you to them sooner but let you know about potential problems that could spring up.

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Quality Water Leak Repairs

When you call us to repair a leak, the first thing we will do is determine if there is actually a leak, and if so where it is coming from. After these two initial steps, our technician will either recommend a pipe replacement or a leak repair. The replacement won’t be recommended unless the repair will not actually fix the problem or if it will only fix it for the short-term.

We know that you probably have an idea of how to patch a pipe, but unless you are completely sure of what you’re doing, that patch might only be there for a few days or weeks. It can also be more difficult to repair a pipe that has already been patched incorrectly. Keep in mind that once a pipe has sprung a single leak, it is likely to have more and more until it is replaced.

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Choosing the Best, Choosing Towers Plumbing

We love being able to help our customers with simple fixes and complex problems. Our plumbing technicians know what they’re doing and want to price your job fairly and honestly–which is something that can’t be said for everyone. When you choose Towers Plumbing, you’re choosing to keep your family and home safe from plumbing mishaps. You’re also choosing a fast response each and every time.

If you think you have a leak or are unsure if you do, call Towers Plumbing at (801) 266-3529. We will find the problem and either repair or replace it for you in a timely manner!